Joe VanDeventer

Senior iOS Developer

Versatile and seasoned Senior iOS and Web Developer with over two decades of experience in the tech industry. Proven track record in leading the development and transformation of digital applications, from initial conception to successful deployment. Skilled in a broad range of programming languages and technologies, with strong expertise in mobile development for iOS. Demonstrated ability in managing teams, mentoring junior developers, and collaborating effectively with clients and stakeholders. Committed to continuous learning and adept at adapting to new challenges and technologies, as evidenced by a diverse project portfolio spanning various sectors and platforms.



Senior iOS Developer
– Present

Spearheaded iOS development, established CI pipeline, managed App Store releases, integrated new API, and worked on secure Bluetooth communications. Initiated comprehensive app refactoring and implemented unit testing.

  • Worked as lone iOS engineer, taking charge of an existing project and enhancing its functionality.

  • Set up and managed the Continuous Integration (CI) pipeline and App Store release processes.

  • Replaced backend code with a completely new API and added Core Data storage to the app.

  • Worked on secure Bluetooth communications with X.509 certificate exchanges.

  • Began refactoring the app to improve code manageability and initiated the addition of unit tests.

  • Involved in a complete rewrite of the app in Flutter, demonstrating cross-platform development skills.


Senior iOS Developer

Contributed to UI redesign, collaborated on new JSON API formats, mentored junior developers, and transitioned app from Objective-C to Swift. Worked in Labs group on touch-free parking system.

  • Worked on the UI overhaul of the consumer-facing app and collaborated with backend developers on new JSON API formats.

  • Moved to the Labs group in 2019, building and deploying the iOS end of a touch-free parking system designed to track a phone emulating a Bluetooth tag in 3D space, allowing the system to determine a customer's identity and lane to automatically raise the appropriate gate as the customer approaches.

  • Handled architectural changes to add support for foreign currency transactions in preparation for Canadian market expansion.

Vokal Interactive

iOS Developer

Led iOS development initiatives for various projects, including a complete overhaul of a primary iPhone application and mentoring junior developers.

  • Developed a REST networking backend for Grainger's iPhone app, transforming it from web views to a fully native application.

  • Oversaw the app's transition from Objective-C to Swift, improving its performance and maintainability.

  • Became the senior programmer and de facto leader of the iOS team, guiding the project until the appointment of an in-house team leader.

  • Responsible for training recent code academy graduates, enhancing their professional development and integration into the team.

Lindell Digital

Freelance Developer

Provided a wide range of web and iOS development services, working on diverse projects from ecommerce integrations to mobile app development.

  • Developed a shopping website for a local popcorn chain in Chicago, integrating automated shipping with UPS's API.

  • Maintained a comprehensive online pet health guide for a local veterinarian, managing content and site functionality.

  • Collaborated in-house with an advertising agency to set up a Drupal site for a state's business attraction campaign.

  • Developed a web platform for businesses to create quizzes for employee certifications and compliance training.

  • Co-developed an advanced iOS check splitting app featuring OCR technology and user-friendly interface for bill management.

  • Developed an iPad app for a chemistry supply company, featuring offline functionality and data synchronization with a Drupal server.

Network Ninja

Backend Programmer

Focused on the design and expansion of the company’s LegalServer framework in PHP, while also managing various aspects of software development and system administration.

  • Led the design and expansion of the LegalServer framework, enhancing its functionality and performance.

  • Rewrote the calendar and scheduling infrastructure to an AJAX module, maintaining compatibility with legacy systems.

  • Worked across various software components, including user-created forms and secure inter-agency case transfer formats.

  • Handled system administration for production and development servers and maintained backup software.

African Studies Center

PHP Programmer

Responsible for designing and maintaining multiple websites with a focus on data management and web analytics.

  • Designed and maintained various websites for the African Studies Center using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP.

  • Transitioned research and grant data into web-accessible PostgreSQL databases, enhancing data accessibility.

  • Monitored and managed analytics across all websites, contributing to strategic improvements and increased engagement.

  • Handled technology purchasing decisions for the department, showcasing an understanding of both technical and administrative aspects.

Gaslight Media

Programming Department Manager

Managed the programming department, overseeing client projects, setting coding standards, and maintaining internal software.

  • Converted designer mockups into HTML/CSS interfaces with robust PHP backends, ensuring seamless transition from concept to execution.

  • Resolved maintenance issues and managed various projects, delegating tasks to programmers.

  • Defined coding standards and software usage policies to enhance development practices.

  • Maintained internal CMS software and developed custom modules, including an automated PDF generator.

The State News

New Media Manager

Led the digital transformation of The State News' online presence, streamlined the online publishing process, and managed the New Media department.

  • Redesigned the website for The State News, transitioning it from static HTML to a dynamic, database-driven web application.

  • Overhauled the nightly online publishing process, significantly reducing the time and training required for the task.

  • Facilitated a merger with the Production Department, leading to increased online readership through specialized content and promotions.

  • Handled managerial duties for the New Media department, including personnel hiring, payroll, budget management, and reporting to the Board of Directors.

Gaslight Media

Web Programmer

Engaged in various aspects of web programming and design, and provided technical support for Macintosh systems.

  • Conducted assorted PHP and web design work, demonstrating versatility in web development technologies.

  • Initially managed the majority of the company's CGI scripting in Perl, contributing to the functionality of web applications.

  • Provided comprehensive technical support for Macintosh systems to over 3000 customers by phone and email.

  • Developed and configured a Macintosh software installer package for the company’s ISP, showcasing skills in software configuration.


826 Chicago

Volunteer, Tutor

Worked on morning writing programs with 1st-3rd graders and after school tutoring with middle and high schoolers. Wrote site for internal use in Ruby on Rails to manage reference materials for tutors - staff could upload data in PDF or simply add links, and tutors could browse by subject or search text.

Girls Who Code

Volunteer, Mentor

Worked with high school senior on an app to help voters select candidates based on political views. Regularly met face-to-face and online to learn Objective-C and deploying changes to GitHub.



  • Advanced iOS app development
  • UI/UX design
  • API integration
  • Performance optimization
  • Unit testing
  • Core Data for data management
  • Core Bluetooth for secure communication
  • Certificate management with X.509
  • Native C interoperability
  • App refactoring and code manageability
  • Transitioning apps from Objective-C to Swift


  • Legacy iOS app maintenance and updates
  • Memory management
  • Interoperability with Swift and native C

Backend Development

  • PHP - extensive professional experience
  • Ruby on Rails - past projects
  • Python (Flask, Django) - previous experience
  • Web application development
  • Database management
  • API design and integration

Graphic Design

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign

Leadership & Management

  • Team leadership and project delegation
  • Client relations and project scoping
  • Strategic planning and decision making

Mentoring & People Skills

  • Mentoring junior developers and recent graduates
  • Training team members on new technologies
  • Fostering a collaborative team environment
  • Effective communication and conflict resolution
  • Adapting to diverse team dynamics and client needs
  • Presenting reports and updates to stakeholders