Joe VanDeventer

Professional Objective

To make cool stuff. To spend time on projects that are throughtfully designed and executed, resulting in something beneficial that people like to use.


Programming: Objective-C (iOS specifically), Ruby (Rails and Sinatra), JavaScript (Express running under Node.js, AngularJS, jQuery, Q), Python, PHP, Git, Mercurial, Subversion, SQL (specializing in MySQL and PostgreSQL)

Other: Design (including familiarity with Adobe Creative Suite), Linux system administration, Personnel management

Employment History

  1. Lindell Digital, LLC Entire Company March 2011 — June 2014
    Chicago, IL

    Worked as a consultant for various Web and iOS projects. Configured sites in WordPress, Drupal, Zend Framework, and custom setups. Worked on programming and interface for Divvy, available in the iOS App Store. In addition, work continues on iOS and Ruby on Rails-based product. Features include Devise-based authentication system, realtime JavaScript-based social collaboration, and full REST API in Rails backend that synchronizes with iOS app and JavaScript clients using JSON. Also working on Express.js/Angular.js-based projects – a partial clone of Divvy’s interface on the Web, and a documentation project for 826CHI, a local volunteer tutoring organization.

  2. Network Ninja Web Programmer April 2007 — March 2011
    Chicago, IL

    Primary responsibility is in maintenance and expansion of company's LegalServer Web application framework, written in PHP. Rewrote application's entire calendar module to use user-friendly AJAX interface while maintaining compatibility with framework and legacy database structure. Work with all aspects of framework's functionality, from document handling to user-configurable forms to inter-agency case transfer. In addition, assist in system administration for company's development and production servers and handle day-to-day maintenance of database and code backup.

  3. African Studies Center Web Programmer October 2002 — March 2007
    East Lansing, MI

    Designed and maintained Web sites for African Studies Center and several other departments and grant projects. Transferred research from software such as Access and Excel into online, editable PHP/PostgreSQL applications. Ensured all sites complied with modern design and accessibility standards. Responsible for departmental technology purchasing and maintenance of staff Windows XP machines.

  4. Gaslight Media Programming Department Manager February 2002 — October 2002
    Petoskey, MI

    Managed programming department. Met with clients to determine initial site specifications and time estimates, resolved maintenance issues, etc. Managed projects and delegated tasks to programmers. Defined coding standards and software usage. Wrote content management software to drive the backend of most sites, and handled custom or experimental applications, such as a PDF generator for an insurance company that allowed agents to create customized contracts in the field.

  5. TelGen Systems System Administrator/Web Programmer May 2000 — December 2001
    Lansing, MI

    Installed, configured, and maintained Linux, Windows, and BSD servers to serve Web pages, email, DNS, and other services. Wrote Web applications used in-house for encrypted software distribution to customers, trouble ticket applications, and other IT needs. Configured encrypted POP/SMTP system with several hundred virtual accounts. Maintained network and monitored security, both on Internet servers and user workstations. Assisted in company's changeover from ISDN to T1 Internet connection, maintained Cisco router.

  6. The State News New Media Manager/Technology Director May 2000 — December 2001
    East Lansing, MI

    As New Media Manager, redesigned the Web site for The State News, largest college newspaper in the United States. Took site from static HTML to a dynamic, database-driven PHP Web application backed by a MySQL database. Oversaw nightly online publishing process, which was changed from a labor-intensive process requiring a week's worth of training for students and several hours of labor to a task that took half an hour and could be handled by the Production Department with minimal training. The merger with Production allowed for more cooperation with the newsroom, including more special online content and promotions on the Web site, leading to increased online readership. In addition, handled managerial duties for New Media, including personnel hiring issues, payroll and budget management, and regular reports before the Board of Directors. Continued work as Technology Director beginning January 2001, where the publishing engine was subsequently released as the “VanDeventer Publishing Engine” on SourceForge.

  7. Gaslight Media Web Programmer Summer 1999
    Petoskey, MI

    Developed modular, fast bulletin board system using PHP and PostgreSQL, designed to be customizable for customer Web sites. Did other assorted PHP work, Web design, and light graphics design work.

  8. Freeway Internet Services Technical Support/Web Programmer November 1995 — June 1997
    Petoskey, MI

    Did majority of company’s CGI scripting in Perl, writing applications ranging from online chat to shopping carts. Handled all Macintosh technical support for Gaslight Media’s 3000+ customers, by phone, email, and face-to-face meetings. Configured installer for Macintosh software and wrote end-user documentation.


B.A. in English Literature (cognates in Computer Science and Political Science), December 2001, Michigan State University


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